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04.08.2017 |

HiLIFE Proof of Concept Grants

The new HiLIFE Proof of Concept HiPOC Grants may be for you if you have been involved with Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd (HIS) in matters relating to invention disclosures, patenting issues or commercialization questions. HiPOC grants are aimed to accelerate commercialization of research findings and development of novel technologies within life sciences. 

HiLIFE Proof of Concept Grants

Who can apply?

HiPOC grants are for UH life science researchers with a doctorate considering or involved in an invention disclosure to HIS, or listed as inventors on a pending patent application owned by UH. The project can have co-applicants within UH and collaborators from external organizations, but funding is granted and used within UH.

What kind of projects can get funding?

1. Performing experiments that develop research findings to enable submission of an invention disclosure

2. Performing experiments that improve the patentability of disclosed inventions

3. Strengthening the commercial potential and providing additional data for filed patent applications

Funding can be used to supplement externally funded pojects e.g. from TEKES TUTL program or as host contribution (e.g. 20% seed money) when applying for other sources of Proof of Concept funding from outside the UH. Research results obtained with HiPOC funding are owned by UH (i.e. HiPOC projects are defined as contract research) completely or in proportion to the funding HiPOC provides to a larger project based on an agreement.

HiPOC funding can be used for salaries (except applicant), equipment, reagents, services and costs related to the commercialization process. Services provided by UH or HIS (e.g. lawyers and patent attorneys) are not covered. HiPOC funding is not for conferences, travel costs, or overhead expenses. One project can only have one HiPOC grant, and researchers may only have one ongoing HiPOC grant.

What is the funding level and duration?

A single HiPOC grant can be up to 50 000 euros for a maximum of 12 months. Projects with an immediate, well documented need for funding are prioritized. Funding not used by end of project is not transferrable. In 2017, a maximum of 500 000 euros is available for funding HiPOC grants.

How to apply?

The call is ongoing and applications are submitted online. In addition to the online form the application is to include a single pdf file with these elements (in order):

1. Project description (max 20 000 characters including spaces)

- Name of project and name, affiliation and contact information for applicant and potential co-applicants. It is a requirement that co-applicants are informed about the project and that they have agreed to participate therein.
- A description of how the grant would promote commercial and/or societal potential from the current state, including information on relevant invention disclosures and/or patent applications
- An experimental plan including required personnel and tasks
- A schedule of project deliverables
- A budget specifying the use in the eligible cost categories

2. CV of the applicant and potential co-applicants (max 2 pages each)

3. Possible relevant invention disclosures and/or patent applications

4. Possible relevant agreements regarding the project e.g in area of IP/ownerships

Evaluation of applications

Applications are sent to review as soon as possible, and at latest on August 15, September 15, October 15, and November 15. Review is expected to take no longer than a few weeks.

Applications are reviewed  by members of the HiLIFE Innovation and Corporate Collaboration Council, HIS, or external experts following non-disclosure agreements using the following evaluation criteria:

- Impact: The proposed project is expected to support the generation of economic and societal benefits.

- Clarity of the aims of the project: The application is expected to describe and define which specific step of the research dissemination or commercialization process is promoted by the grant.

- Quality and feasibility of the experimental plan: The proposed plan is expected to be based on sound, achievable and efficient approaches. The availability of all needed resources should be documented.

Decisions and Reporting

Decisions on grants are informed to the applicants e-mail within a few weeks from sending to review. Applicants with granted projects are to provide reports within 2 months following the end of the project as detailed in the grant decision.

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